My Story

“Chairs Downstairs” was created in 2013 when I was home on maternity leave with my third child. While I was nursing, I would busy my time browsing the furniture category on Craig’s List. We had recently moved and I was innocently looking for deals to fill up our larger home. Innocently looking quickly turned into obsessively looking at CHAIRS. All sorts of chairs…dining, modern, upholstered, vintage…you name it and I probably searched, saw it….and BOUGHT it. Really…I started buying chairs and more chairs and before I knew it, I had a storage locker stacked to the ceiling. The only logical next step (and to save my marriage) was to resell my newly found treasures.

Lucky for me, I have a mother who is an Interior Designer with a library full of fabric samples and a pretty little storefront tucked right into the heart of Chagrin Falls. A few months of upholstery class, bloody knuckles, staple gun mishaps and the acquisition of a 1950’s Pfaf sewing machine and “Chairs Downstairs” was born…..a place where vintage becomes modern, old becomes new and pretty and dull becomes happy, new and exciting!

Fast forward 3 years, and my baby is now in preschool and I have continued to make my way through my storage unit of chairs. However, as my upholstery projects grew, so did my pile of fabric scraps (Remnants). I had such beautiful pieces of fabric that were too small to recover a chair but too amazing to throw away.

What to do? In 2016,”Remnants – a bag company” was born. I continue to put my faithful, old Pfaf to work and create modern and unique handbags with all my amazing scraps and remnants.

Although I find it increasingly more difficult to find the time to upholster, create, sew and raise my children. I would not change a thing about my crazy but amazingly fulfilling life!

*Chairs Downstairs will upon special request work on custom orders. However, our primary focus is creating one of kind pieces for your home from our hearts. *

Virginia Gonzales

Owner/ Designer Chairs Downstairs and Remnants – a bag company

Virginia shares her passion for design with her passion for caring as a pediatric nurse at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.

Deborah Batchelor

Partner/ Creative Mentor to Chairs Downstairs and Remnants – a bag company

Deborah is known as one of the most successful and prominent Interior Designers in Northeast Ohio since the early 1990’s.